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Top 11 free Content Marketing tools for beginners in 2020

Creating data-driven, engaging, and influential content that drives a massive amount of traffic to your blog post with some amazing and free content marketing tools.

Every marketer needs a great marketing plan now and then to engage with their audience, and the best way is to write entertaining content that everyone loves. Content is a person’s most desirable medium, 

According to the technology giant, Demand Metric

Incorporating a blog to your current website will raise traffic by as much as 434%

It is important to use the correct tools in today’s competitive environment that helps drive a huge amount of traffic and generate high-value content for your blog. We will explore the top 11 free tools in this article that are very helpful in creating an SEO friendly blog post for your content needs.

Why Content Writing is important?

Content is the perfect way to connect with your clients, regardless of whether it’s images, short videos, websites, graphics, and much more. It is a more effective and productive way to make your customers aware of your brand and to generate leads.  

Blogscraft offers a top-notch digital strategy with high-quality content writing services and graphic design services.

Online free Content marketing tools 

Tools to get content Inspiration

  • Google Trends– There are millions and millions of google search every day, will it be great if Google can show what people are searching about. Google trends is one such tool by google that provides trends and hot searches free of cost.
Google trends

Yet another tool that renders unveiling the topic that people like to read and share most on social media. Buzzsumo is a freemium tool that provides free services and charges for its premium content.

Tools for writing creative Headings

Headlines change the way people engage with your blog. It creates the first impression of whether people would read or ignore. It is important to write clear and powerful titles for your content. 

According to research, Title with 10-13 words drive the highest amount of traffic.

Hubspot Idea generator creates great headlines that are inspired by best-ranking blogs and your keyword.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a very interesting and powerful tool. This tool analyzes your headlines and marks them according to factors like the use of common, uncommon, and sentimental words in your title. The tool is free and most recommended by experts.

Tools for writing without distractions

It is a free distraction-free tool for content writers. Its clean upstanding and neat background makes it to the list. It has special formatting options that tender its interface easy to use.

The best tool for collaborating and writing with your teammates. Its user face is very handy and can be used by almost everyone.

Tools for writing SEO friendly Content

Yoast SEO marks almost every list for the best SEO tool. It becomes very easy to write user-friendly and SEO friendly articles with Yoast SEO. Content that ranks creates a good impact on readers is mostly created with the assistance of this free tool.

Plagirism Checkers for your content

Plagiarism is the most serious crime that can be committed in blogging. Plagiarism is writing content copied from other sources without giving attributed to the creators. Copyscape is one such tool that helps in avoiding plagiarism content.

The tool analyses the content and finds plagiarism sentence wise. It is a very helpful free tool to write unique and engaging content.

Add some high-quality Graphics 


Canva requires no introduction. It is the best Graphic designing tool that lets you add amazing images, graphics, videos, infographics to your blog posts. It is a free tool and requires premium for additional features. The tool can be used for the collaborative team designing and has amazing templates available.

Last but not least “Unsplash”. It is the most demanded tool for amazon bloggers. It provides free high-quality mages that require no attributes. 


Content writing is not dead. Only the way we present the content has changed. People love to read content that provides value and interest. These tools are lifesavers for the beginners in content marketing and will help you create the best content for your customers and help build your brand.

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